Hey welcome in! I’m Tharon Green, and I’m thrilled to embark on this coffee-filled journey with you. As a newcomer to the blogging world, my passion for coffee and quest to brew better cups at home has driven me to create this space where we can explore the art and science of home coffee brewing together.

My love affair with coffee started when I realized how much money I was spending on constant trips to Starbucks and the local coffee shops here in Reno. Determined to create a more cost-effective solution without compromising on quality, I set out on a personal mission to master the art of brewing coffee at home.

The journey hasn’t been without its challenges, but the sense of accomplishment and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in my apartment has made it all worthwhile.

Here at Your Average Barista, you’ll find a bunch of resources, research, and insights all around home coffee brewing.

From understanding different coffee beans and brewing methods to exploring accessories that elevates your coffee experience, this blog is a one-stop destination for all things coffee.

What sets this blog apart is that… I’m not a seasoned barista with years of experience. In fact, I’m a fellow coffee enthusiast, just like you, trying to improve my coffee making skills.

Together, we’ll navigate through the challenges and celebrate the triumphs, knowing that it’s okay to stumble as long as we keep learning and growing.

If you’re reading this, I want you to feel right at home when you visit my blog. Relax, grab a cup of your favorite brew, and dive into the content. I want this to be a judgement free zone.

It’s okay if you don’t get everything right on your first attempt. Heck as a perfectionist, I failed numerous times finding my favorite ways to make my favorite drinks.

But that’s okay!

This journey is about embracing the learning process, and we’ll do it together, every step of the way.

As I continue to explore the world of coffee brewing, my goal is to become your go-to resource as you begin your own coffee journey at home.

Let’s build a supportive community of coffee enthusiasts! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for updates, coffee tips, and engaging discussions. I envision a space where we can share our experiences, exchange tips and techniques, and encourage one another.

Thank You

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. I’m happy to have you here, and I can’t wait to see how our coffee skills evolve together!

Brew on,

Tharon Green